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Maine Bass and Pike Fishing: Now is the time!!!

Sweet Summertime is here in Maine! As we roll into the dog days and the rivers warm, our focus shifts from Landlocked Salmon and Brook trout to Bass and Pike on the fly on the Androscoggin River. Purists my scoff at the idea, until they hook their first hefty Smallmouth on a topwater fly, or witness a 10 plus pound Pike T-bone a large streamer right at the boat.

While temps on trout waters across the state approach the 70 degree mark, we give the trout and salmon a rest. And shift our focus to fly fishing for Bass and Pike which provides tons of action for our guests in a sustainable manner. The topwater (dryfly) conditions for these species simply couldn’t be any better right now. Drop us a line and get out and enjoy a day of Sweet Summertime on a River in Maine!

Check this short edit of what it is all about!

See You on the water!


Maine Summer Fishing Update

It has been quite a roller coaster ride this season with river levels across the entire state. We have gone from standard summer dryway flows of this:

To this….way too often this season:

In the time between the torrential rain and floods we have found some great fishing and have hosted many happy customers this season on the West Branch of the Penobscot, Kennebec, and Androscoggin Rivers. We have shared the beauty of Spring and summer in Maine, and alot of laughs with many great people.

During the high flows we have taken time to explore remote waters and rediscovered some beautiful uncrowded waters with amazing trout fishing.


Maine Iron Fly Competition 2014: Results

I’d like to thank all the participants and spectators for making Maine’s First ever Iron Fly Competition a success! The judges were impressed by the thought, skill, and creativity that went into all the flies tied on Saturday.

Iron Fly Image

A big thanks goes to Selene’s Fly Shop Brunswick Maine for organizational support, sponsorship, and generous prize donations! If you have not visited her shop, make it happen. Another big thanks to Fly Fishing in Maine, and Dan Tarkinson for securing the venue for us, and allowing us to trash it before the film tour! I hope everyone in attendance enjoyed the experience and will join us for the next Iron Fly…this was just the beginning.

For those of you who may not have seen the results announcement, here it is:

1st Prize winner of the Echo Fly Rod (courtesy of Selene’s Fly Shop) for most creative fly went to Peter Dransfield!

2nd Place winner of the Driftboat Trip on the Andro (from Maine River Guides) for best Execution went to Joel Anderson!


3rd Place winner of of the Selenes Fly Shop gift Card for Fishiest Fly went to Rick Elsaesser!


We did have two runner up prizes for Aaron Lockwood, and Alan Yuodsnukis, who were not present during the announcement.



We also awarded prizes three promising young fly tyers: Luke, Philip, and Hunter!






Everyone won on Saturday! As we raised $230 donated to FFIM for Fisheries Conservation projects in Maine!







Parting Shot…Shopping for the Iron Fly


Maine’s First Iron Fly Competition!

Iron Fly Image

IRON FLY Competition March 1st, 2014
Selene’s Fly Shop, Maine River Guides, and Fly Fishing in Maine are proud to Sponsor Maine’s first Iron Fly Competition in conjunction with the 2014 Fly Fishing Film Tour!!!

WHAT is an IRON FLY Competition?
Iron Fly is a friendly fly tying competition where fly tyers tie head to head utilizing “secret ingredients” assembled by our crew of competition judges. Tyers will create a fly limited only by their imagination utilizing only ten materials given at the beginning of the event. Participants will have (30 minutes) to create and deliver their creation to the finish line (judge’s booth) in the allotted time given. Tyers are required to register in advance for $15.

WHEN is this Event?
Saturday March 1st at 3pm. Competitors are required to register in advance. Spectators, supporters, and hecklers are welcome for free!

WHERE is this Event?
The competition will take place at the Frontier Theater in conjunction with the Fly Fishing Film Tour. By your tickets for the Film Tour now at: Maine Fly Fishing Film Tour Tickets

Do I win anything?
In addition to bragging rights, tyers will have a shot at three sweet prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Winners! All entrants will receive some sweet fly tying schwag just for showing up! Competition is limited to 12 Tyers! Registration required! Categories to be judged are:

1st Creativity
2nd Execution-Best use of ALL materials
3rd Taste- Fly most likely to be crushed by a fish

To Register
Contact Selene Dumaine at Selene’s Fly Shop
Phone: 207-373-8090
22 Stanwood Street Brunswick, Maine 04011


Happy New Year!


Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy 2014!!!


Maine Bass Trips: Summer Smallmouth and Pike in Southern Maine


With high temps on most trout and salmon rivers in Maine we have transitioned over to Smallmouth Bass and Pike Fly Fishing Trips. Recently we have been spending our days floating the Androscoggin River fly fishing for Bass and Pike. The fishing has been solid overall, flows are ideal and steady action is the name of the game. If you are looking for alot of action on the fly, without much travel time from the coast? We can get you on the water catching fish, and have you back to meet family/friends for cocktail hour and dinner on the coast! Book now 207-749-1593

Here is a video highlighting summer fun fly fishing for Bass and Pike on the Androscoggin River in Maine!





West Branch of the Penobscot: Dry Fly Time!

Hendricksons have come and gone and caddis hatches are on! We have guided some great folks over the past few weeks in conditions from snow to 85 degrees! The weather appears to be stablizing and the flows are perfect for floating. A few prime time dates are available between now and mid July, don’t misss out! Email or call now 207-749-1593 and get while the getting is good.
















What are you looking at? Parting shot.


Kennebec River Solon: A Day of Recon

Maine River Guides is now offering full day float trips on the Solon section of the Kennebec River. Located less than 2 hours from Portland it provides a unique opportunity to catch three species of trout and salmon in a remote setting.

Recently we did a recon float with Brian Donaghy, the fishing was good and so was the weather. Fish were caught on a variety of methods from nymphing down deep to tiny size 20 dries. Streamers produced the most action in between nymph runs and rising fish.

Anchored out Kennebec River Solon Photo by Brian Donaghy

Kennebec River Brown Trout. Photo by Brian Donaghy

Solon Section Kennebec River Photo by Brian Donaghy

Kennebec River Solon Photo by Brian Donaghy

Driftboat Trip Solon section of the Kennebec River Photo by Brian Donaghy

Thanks to Brian Donaghy for capturing all the photos seen above!


Androscoggin Float Trip: Bass and Pike

Took a day with Matt and his friend Todd to do some recon on Bass and Pike on the Androscoggin River a few weeks back. Wind was brutal, river flows were good, and fishing was solid. We fished some new flys we have been developing utilizing unique new products from the folks at Flymen Fishing Company, the results were good!

Bronze on the Fish Skull Fly

Maine Pike on Fish Skull Fly

Thick Smallmouth from Maine river

Matt with a Pike

If you are interested in good fishing within an hour to an hour and a half of Portland Maine, give us a call and line up a date soon!


Maine Bronzeback

For innovative “Next Generation” fly tying products check out Flymen Fishing Company. We are proud to be a part of their Fish Monks Program!




Fly Tyer or a Fly Buyer?

So what are you?

I fall into the first catagory of the fly tyer, yeah you know the guy…”I’m gonna show those shops, ‘en save a bunch of money tying my own flies!” That was my thought process about ten years ago when I crossed the line from rational fly buyer to obsessive fly tyer…


My urge to save money by tying my own was short lived… The realization set in that my large, and ever growing stockpile of fur, foam, feathers and hooks if added up and divided by the total amount of flies tied would equal $7.97… Ok the number is arbitrary, but you get the point. While I don’t intend to stop tying flies, I have gotten a handle on the addiction, for now. What keeps me tying is the ability to take a “known” fly pattern and adapt it to different waters and situations is the main reason I continue fly tying. There really aren’t many “new” groundbreaking ideas in fly tying, just adaptations. I’m always suspect of anyone claiming to have invented any new fly pattern these days…chances are it has been done before and they are kidding themselves. I always get a chuckle when folks hand me a “new” fly and tell me “yeah, it is called the “troutslapper” (named for effect) and you look at it and say “yeah, hmm” when in reality it is a “wooly bugger” in a tuxedo. Truth is I always graciously accept these new “groundbreaking creations” and fish them with a smile…