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January 19, 2013

Can fishing be in your blood?

Grandfather's Fishing "journal" 1922

The pace of our present world stops for nothing or no one as far as I can tell. During the frantic holiday bustle I rediscovered a personal “treasure” given to me by my Aunt as a Christmas gift a last year. As I pulled the aging journal from the protective padded envelope I had stored it in, I felt taken back…

Grandfather's commercial fishing log book

way back in fact to a different time, long before my birth. I flipped the journal open to a page dated October 8th, 1923. I paused to ponder what life on this planet was like 90 years ago.
My eyes scanned the aging paper, handwritten penciled in dates with corresponding numbers of total fish caught (in pounds) This was the Journal or “books” of my Great Grandfather Albert Bostater who fished the waters of Western Lake Erie commercially. I was introduced to fishing by my father and grandfather, both loved to fish. Is there genetic evidence to explain why I can’t drive near a body of water without wondering what swims there and how I might catch those inhabitants?


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