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Kennebec River Fishing

East Outlet Kennebec River

If the heart of Maine is Moosehead Lake, than the Kennebec River is the main artery spilling its way southwest from Moosehead between the towns of Rockwood and Greenville.
East Outlet in October
Kennebec River ~ East Outlet

The East Outlet of the Kennebec River is a relatively short 3.5 mile stretch of river. The East Outlet is loaded with landlocked salmon and brook trout that you can pursue using many fly fishing methods and techniques. Managed for fly fishing only year round this river offers some of Maine’s Best Landlocked Salmon and Brook Trout fishing.

From the East Outlet put-in you’ll float among beautiful forest fishing through the pools and pocket water. We will stop often to anchor and fish, or to wade and fish a productive pool more thoroughly. Shore lunch will be prepared at the best site available along the way, and folks are encouraged to continue fishing while food is prepared…


After a hearty meal, it’s back to the boat to fish the remaining river before it spills into the awaiting waters of Indian Pond at Swimmers Rapid. Below the falls we float flat water to the take out. Book your Kennebec River Fishing Float Trip today!

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East Outlet Salmon

Landlocked Salmon – East Outlet- Angler ~ David S.

Kennebec River Brook Trout

Wild Maine Brook Trout – East Outlet -Angler ~ Gregg E.

Solon Section Kennebec River
Solon Section Kennebec River Photo by Brian Donaghy

The Solon section of the Kennebec River is known for its Brown Trout. With miles of undercut banks, braided channels and islands this section is a structure fisherman’s dream. Early morning you could be throwing streamers tight to the banks in a side channel, and later the same day casting dryflys to rising Brown Trout in long slicks. This section of the Kennebec provides opportunity to catch four trout species all in the same day. The float is 7 miles long and provides a remote setting all within a 2 hour drive from Portland.

Kennebec River Brown Trout. Photo by Brian Donaghy

Anchored out Kennebec River Solon Photo by Brian Donaghy

Kennebec River Solon Photo by Brian Donaghy
Driftboat Trip Solon section of the Kennebec River Photo by Brian Donaghy