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September 17, 2012

Maine Brook Trout : Fall Fishing is on!


Crisp nights, and bluebird days have arrived. Over the past two weeks we have been covering some serious miles fishing Maine’s best Brook Trout and Landlocked Salmon waters. I have been getting alot of emails, texts, voicemails, and facebook messages asking what the “hot fly” is this fall. We have been catching fish on a wide selection of flies from Big nymphs and dries, to tiny dries and nymph droppers 24-26. We have even had some vicious eats on BIG articulated flies, which Matt has been feverishly tying on his evenings off the water.


One of my favorite fishing quotes of all time I heard last summer from Legendary Atlantic Salmon Guide Austin Clark. “Never say never, and never say always.” Just when you think you have things pegged fish change their mood… The bottom line is don’t get stuck in a rut, be willing to try different patterns and most importantly PRESENTATIONS and you will be rewarded. If something is NOT WORKING switch it up, or tweak the presentation. The best tool you have on the water is tucked away in your own noggin… I have bumped into plenty of anglers lately after hours reporting on the “slow fishing” after we had banner days. When asked how many times they changed flies the answer was always 2-3 times all day! We have been trying at least 2 dozen different setups a day til we establish a pattern or presentation style. By the time you’ve read alot of reports online, the game has likely changed. Observe, imitate, then play with presentation, and switch it up often. Or simplified… Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome!

Both salmon and trout fishing has been stellar lately, but we thought we’d share some photos of colored up Maine Brook Trout! Thanks for tuning in!





Matt Bickford : Maine Guide Fall Brook Trout




Get out there while you can!

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