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Remote Pond Trips

While fly fishing Maine Rivers is the heart of what we do…

Hex Fishing Time is here!

Sometime around July Fourth an incredible hatch begins on Maine Ponds capable of dragging any “River Junkie” away from the usual haunts.  The Hexagenia Limbata (Hexes) are the largest Mayfly in the State of Maine, and often drive huge native brook trout to aggressively rise to chomp large dry flys off the surface of these ponds!  This hatch can be very unpredictable, but when the conditions are right it can be epic. Booking an overnight multi-day trip greatly increases your chances of hitting a great hatch. Come join us by float tube or canoe for an incredible Maine fly fishing experience that you will never forget.

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Hexagenia Limbata


Northwoods Skyline



Sunset on a Maine Pond