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Maine Iron Fly 2015

Once again Maine River Guides and FFIM are proud to host Maine’s only Iron Fly Competition! Some great new sponsors have stepped up to offer this year support and prizes. Special thank to Rangeley Region Sport Shop, Patagonia Outlet Maine, and Oxbow Brewing Company for ponying up!

Hope to see many of you there!

Some images from last years event:


Maine’s First Iron Fly Competition!

Iron Fly Image

IRON FLY Competition March 1st, 2014
Selene’s Fly Shop, Maine River Guides, and Fly Fishing in Maine are proud to Sponsor Maine’s first Iron Fly Competition in conjunction with the 2014 Fly Fishing Film Tour!!!

WHAT is an IRON FLY Competition?
Iron Fly is a friendly fly tying competition where fly tyers tie head to head utilizing “secret ingredients” assembled by our crew of competition judges. Tyers will create a fly limited only by their imagination utilizing only ten materials given at the beginning of the event. Participants will have (30 minutes) to create and deliver their creation to the finish line (judge’s booth) in the allotted time given. Tyers are required to register in advance for $15.

WHEN is this Event?
Saturday March 1st at 3pm. Competitors are required to register in advance. Spectators, supporters, and hecklers are welcome for free!

WHERE is this Event?
The competition will take place at the Frontier Theater in conjunction with the Fly Fishing Film Tour. By your tickets for the Film Tour now at: Maine Fly Fishing Film Tour Tickets

Do I win anything?
In addition to bragging rights, tyers will have a shot at three sweet prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Winners! All entrants will receive some sweet fly tying schwag just for showing up! Competition is limited to 12 Tyers! Registration required! Categories to be judged are:

1st Creativity
2nd Execution-Best use of ALL materials
3rd Taste- Fly most likely to be crushed by a fish

To Register
Contact Selene Dumaine at Selene’s Fly Shop
Phone: 207-373-8090
22 Stanwood Street Brunswick, Maine 04011


Fly Tyer or a Fly Buyer?

So what are you?

I fall into the first catagory of the fly tyer, yeah you know the guy…”I’m gonna show those shops, ‘en save a bunch of money tying my own flies!” That was my thought process about ten years ago when I crossed the line from rational fly buyer to obsessive fly tyer…


My urge to save money by tying my own was short lived… The realization set in that my large, and ever growing stockpile of fur, foam, feathers and hooks if added up and divided by the total amount of flies tied would equal $7.97… Ok the number is arbitrary, but you get the point. While I don’t intend to stop tying flies, I have gotten a handle on the addiction, for now. What keeps me tying is the ability to take a “known” fly pattern and adapt it to different waters and situations is the main reason I continue fly tying. There really aren’t many “new” groundbreaking ideas in fly tying, just adaptations. I’m always suspect of anyone claiming to have invented any new fly pattern these days…chances are it has been done before and they are kidding themselves. I always get a chuckle when folks hand me a “new” fly and tell me “yeah, it is called the “troutslapper” (named for effect) and you look at it and say “yeah, hmm” when in reality it is a “wooly bugger” in a tuxedo. Truth is I always graciously accept these new “groundbreaking creations” and fish them with a smile…