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Kennebec River Solon: A Day of Recon

Maine River Guides is now offering full day float trips on the Solon section of the Kennebec River. Located less than 2 hours from Portland it provides a unique opportunity to catch three species of trout and salmon in a remote setting.

Recently we did a recon float with Brian Donaghy, the fishing was good and so was the weather. Fish were caught on a variety of methods from nymphing down deep to tiny size 20 dries. Streamers produced the most action in between nymph runs and rising fish.

Anchored out Kennebec River Solon Photo by Brian Donaghy

Kennebec River Brown Trout. Photo by Brian Donaghy

Solon Section Kennebec River Photo by Brian Donaghy

Kennebec River Solon Photo by Brian Donaghy

Driftboat Trip Solon section of the Kennebec River Photo by Brian Donaghy

Thanks to Brian Donaghy for capturing all the photos seen above!


Maine Fly Fishing : Half Time Report

Native Maine Brook Trout

Here we are again mid season, and fast approaching the dog days of summer. Fortunately water temps are holding in the sixties and I feel we will be set up for some great Late July/August fishing. Caddis are still coming off strong and I find smaller has been better lately with size 18’s and 20’s in dark colors working well. The big summer Stonefly hatches have been keeping fish looking up to take Stimulators, Sofa Pillows, Foam Stones, Bugmeisters and and other large buggy varieties. I generally like fishing these big bugs with a small caddis nymph or emerger in tow. For you stillwater native brook trout fishermen the ponds are still pumping out some strong hexagenia limbata hatches but fish are getting fussier by the day depending on where you fish. When the spinner falls out number hatching duns the end is near.

From now through the end of August I will be fishing the West Branch of the Penobscot, and the Bingham section of the Kennebec, with an occassional jaunt over to the East Outlet of the Kennebec. If you are looking for a new challenge in dryfly fishing, the Wild Rainbow Trout in Bingham will keep you on your toes. Make sure to check your backing knot before you go, as fish over 18 inches will run long and hard… Looking ahead into August many of my trout trips will be split days early morning launches, midday swims followed by siestas and back out for the evening risers. This approach is better for the fish, and the anglers all around.

If you are hesitant to drive north in pursuit of trout there are some stellar opportunities for Smallmouth Bass and Largemouth Bass within an hours drive of the Greater Portland area. Email or give a call and we can get you in touch with some WBD’s… guide’s I’d call “Weapons of Bass Destruction”.

We are at the halfway point in our season, and Fall will be here before you know it. If you haven’t fished in September and October in Maine crowds thin out, biting bugs are gone, and the fishing is refreshed by cooling water temps. Give a call and we will get you on it! 207-749-1593

Here is some eye candy from June and July 2011:

June Caddis

Sniffin out some fish

Blake gets one done

Hexagenia Limbata

Adelle enjoys the evening rise

The wait...

Kevin's Levitating Brook Trout

Hexagenia on Simms Bag

Andrew's West Branch Salmon

Solitude at Big Eddy Pool

Andy with a nice WB Salmon

Jim with a Chunk of a Brook trout

Gridlock-Big Eddy Penobscot River

Captain Kev hooked up.

Craig with a hefty fish

Fresh Salmon from the Kennebec

Bob with one of many salmon from the East Outlet