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West Branch of the Penobscot: Dry Fly Time!

Hendricksons have come and gone and caddis hatches are on! We have guided some great folks over the past few weeks in conditions from snow to 85 degrees! The weather appears to be stablizing and the flows are perfect for floating. A few prime time dates are available between now and mid July, don’t misss out! Email [email protected] or call now 207-749-1593 and get while the getting is good.
















What are you looking at?


Prime Time has arrived : Fly Fishing Maine


May into June has been one hell of a Roller Coaster ride this season with river flows up and down, with many Plan B’s C’s and D’s thrown in the mix, trips canceled and rescheduled. The good news is fishing-friendly flows have finally arrived on the West Branch of the Penobscot, and the fishing has been solid. I have fished the river from 7300cfs on down to 2400cfs with good results all the way through. All tactics have produced in the last few weeks, smelt-style streamers up top and on bottom, Nymphs under and indie or naked, and of course dry flies. Over the last week and a half the dryfly fishing has come on hard, from Henrickson’s to rusty spinners, and as of Saturday night Big Caddis hatches. Prime time is here and once the current damp weather passes the caddis will really take the spotlight.

Speaking of spotlights…
Lefty Krey likes the new ride!

Lefty Krey

Fly Casting with Lefty Krey

The new Pro Guide Driftboat from Boulder Boatworks is turning some heads. Even Lefty Kreh was impressed with it. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get Lefty out in it and on the water for the day due to Severe Thunderstorms right at the put-in! But we made the best of the day sharing stories and even got some private casting lessons and discussion and lunch with a true legend of the fly fishing world. I hope to be half the caster Lefty Kreh is when I reach his age, he is truly incredible! We will make it happen next year Lefty!

Chris with a nice salmon

Ripogenus Dam at 9500 cfs

The next month is the time to get out and experience some of the finest dryfly fishing in Maine. From Blizzard caddis and mayflies, to the Big Bugs of summer (Hexes) on a Northwoods pond. If you don’t have plans to get out soon you should…

Want to float a Maine River in style, give us a call or email. Some June/July dates are available.
Cell 207-749-1593

Big Eddy Mist

Riverside Lunch

Big Brookie

All Smiles

First Salmon

Big Eddy Salmon

Until next time…

I hear Banjo music...


Hot Days: Huge Hatches

Taking a break from the heat this afternoon after a nice long swim in the Big Eddy, and realized an update was long overdue. Had some awesome days in late June on the water and some extremely slow days as well. Got some good press in the July 2010 Issue of Field and Stream Magazine in an article titled “The North Woods Way” written by Edward Nickens. It’s a well crafted piece about Eddie’s travels and experiences fishing with three Maine Guides, myself included, last June. Get out and pick up a copy, or check it out here: The North Woods Way

For the last few weeks I have been burning the candle at both ends. Fishing the West Branch of the Penobscot during the morning and afternoon, and hunting Native Maine Brook Trout rising to Hexes, and exploring cool mountain streams. Things have been fishing well all around with the action on the river having picked up since a late June slump. The Landlocked Salmon and Brook Trout on the West Branch of the Penobscot River have been happily feeding on a wide variety of dry flies from tiny black caddis to super sized Stoneflies. Water temps are already over 68 degrees on the West Branch so take time releasing fish and avoid overplaying them.

While I have had some epic evenings on Maine Trout Ponds withing a 50 mile radius of the Big Eddy Campground, I do believe the Hex hatches are tapering off and the fish getting fussier by the day. Like everthing else this season, hatches are coming and going a few weeks ahead of normal.

Chris and his wife Kim just showed up for the afternoon round of fishing…so I gotta run. Check out the fish Chris landed this morning… Nice work!

Chris gets a beauty to the net

Nice River Brookie

Kevin's first Salmon on a fly

Looking for the Hatch

Game on!

Hot days on cool mountain streams

Should've been here last night (Hex Shucks)

Emilia with a nice West Branch Salmon

Small Stream Gems

Landlocked Salmon caught on tiny caddis.


West Branch of the Penobscot River: Maine Salmon Fishing Report

Spent a few days fly fishing the West Branch of the Penobscot River this week, skies were blue, black flies were hungry, and I was happy to fish in the wind. Water temps were right around the magic 50 degree mark varying a bit from one location to the next.

Katahdin in Spring

On Tuesday I was in good company with Blake and Chad both from the big state of Texas. We had a beautiful day to float, and shared alot of laughs as the fishing was a little slow. We fished a good variety of flies, but nymph fishing with pheasant tails and caddis larvae seemed to be the game for getting some smaller fish to the net. By mid afternoon we began to see a few scattered Hendrickson duns sailing up river in the wind, but they were early to the party as a true “hatch” never materialized, nor did we see any rising fish.

Blake fighting his first Salmon

Blake with a 21 inch Salmon!

We had a good float and Chad had to put the rod down in the afternoon, because his fishing license expired. Blake and I decided to give one more spot a few casts, before calling it a day. Glad we did. In true Texas fashion, Blake ended Big!