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Maine Summer Fishing Update

It has been quite a roller coaster ride this season with river levels across the entire state. We have gone from standard summer dryway flows of this:

To this….way too often this season:

In the time between the torrential rain and floods we have found some great fishing and have hosted many happy customers this season on the West Branch of the Penobscot, Kennebec, and Androscoggin Rivers. We have shared the beauty of Spring and summer in Maine, and alot of laughs with many great people.

During the high flows we have taken time to explore remote waters and rediscovered some beautiful uncrowded waters with amazing trout fishing.


Maine Brook Trout : Fall Fishing is on!


Crisp nights, and bluebird days have arrived. Over the past two weeks we have been covering some serious miles fishing Maine’s best Brook Trout and Landlocked Salmon waters. I have been getting alot of emails, texts, voicemails, and facebook messages asking what the “hot fly” is this fall. We have been catching fish on a wide selection of flies from Big nymphs and dries, to tiny dries and nymph droppers 24-26. We have even had some vicious eats on BIG articulated flies, which Matt has been feverishly tying on his evenings off the water.


One of my favorite fishing quotes of all time I heard last summer from Legendary Atlantic Salmon Guide Austin Clark. “Never say never, and never say always.” Just when you think you have things pegged fish change their mood… The bottom line is don’t get stuck in a rut, be willing to try different patterns and most importantly PRESENTATIONS and you will be rewarded. If something is NOT WORKING switch it up, or tweak the presentation. The best tool you have on the water is tucked away in your own noggin… I have bumped into plenty of anglers lately after hours reporting on the “slow fishing” after we had banner days. When asked how many times they changed flies the answer was always 2-3 times all day! We have been trying at least 2 dozen different setups a day til we establish a pattern or presentation style. By the time you’ve read alot of reports online, the game has likely changed. Observe, imitate, then play with presentation, and switch it up often. Or simplified… Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome!

Both salmon and trout fishing has been stellar lately, but we thought we’d share some photos of colored up Maine Brook Trout! Thanks for tuning in!





Matt Bickford : Maine Guide Fall Brook Trout




Get out there while you can!


Maine Dry Fly Fishing in Full Swing!

It’s Time!

Hendrickson Time is Here!

Been a road warrior the last few weeks…fishing from the West Branch, to the Rapid, East Outlet of the Kennebec and even banging the banks for some early season Smallmouth Bass on the Androscoggin. I’m finally settled in at the Big Eddy Campground for the 2012 fishing season. Had a great kickoff Holiday weekend here with friends and family fishing, eating very well, and catching up with old friends.
Here are some shots from the river and road:

Wild Maine Brook Trout

Andrew's first Lake Trout on the fly!

Scott with a solid Landlocked Salmon from the Kennebec River

Brian's first Bass of the day

Drew getting on the board!

Dark Hendrickson

Hendricksons are in full swing on the West Branch, duns by day rusty spinners in the evenings and mornings. This is the most predictable mayfly hatch of the season here on the branch, before the blizzard caddis hatches kick in. We have seen alot of surface feeding activity over the last few days, and things are only going to get better from here. So far I have seen golden stones, bwos from 16- 24, small caddis, March Browns, Yellow Sallies, and a hand full of dobson flies to boot. It has not been just a dry fly game, although how can resist fishing dries all day… Nymphing has been fair to ridiculous with pt nymphs and stones boating the most fish on bottom. River flows have been right around 2200-2300cfs, but I anticipate flows bumping up soon as the lake is near full. More than likely flows will land around 3200 cfs soon which is the standard summer flow these days. River temps have ranged from 49 to 53 degrees from one section to another with the warmer flows down river and the hatches further along the further you go downstream. The best news I have to report is that I have seen ALOT of smelt in the river this year compared to the last 5 years, and the fish are on em in a few key locations. This feed is critical for maintaining a healthy landlocked salmon population and I am so glad to see significant numbers of smelt in the river again.

Andrew gets on the board with a Fat Landlocked Salmon

First West Branch salmon on a dryfly for the season

A bent rod is a happy rod

Rusty Spinner Egg Layer

Josh got in the game between kayaking sessions

Beautiful Blue Landlocked Salmon

Nice WB salmon

Prime Time is almost here! I have select few days open between now and mid July if you are interested in floating a beautiful Maine River fly fishing for salmon and trout soon! I will be offering combo Trips Early July river fishing the morning/afternoon, pond Hex hatch fishing the evenings. Email for info and availability.

Come mid-late July we will be offering Float Trips on the Bingham section of the Kennebec River for Wild Rainbows, and Landlocked Salmon. We are also Float Trip for Smallmouth Bass in within an hour of Portland. The trout purist might cringe while reading this, smallmouth on the fly are a blast and the action can be downright ridiculous. Its a great accessable option for getting on the water without a huge travel commitment… Sunny Days with Beers, Burgers and Bass, it’s an all American experience.
Drop a line or give a call for details…
I will try to return calls within 48 hours due to lack of cell service. I do have access to email daily.

The Eye of the Beholder

Bronzeback on the fly

Brian with a chunky Androscoggin River Smallmouth

Parting Shot

Afternoon nap at the Cribworks

Nap time is over, get on the water!


Maine Fishing Season has officially begun

Here is a little edit I put together from Maine River Guides 2011 Fishing Season…
Let the fun begin!


The Fly Fish Journal: Maine River Guides

Tired of the same regurgitated content that has been circulating in flyfishing magazines for decades? There is good news! There are some great new options in print and online with amazing imagery and fresh new stories from emerging writers.

If you are looking for more refreshing content in print form pick up a copy of The Fly Fish Journal. Think…The Drake meets Gray’s Sporting Journal… Quality photography and content, and I’m not just saying that because of the sweet picture of my boat on the West Branch in Issue 2.3 by Matt Boutet. The article “Worst Guide in the World” by Dylan Tomine had me laughing so hard one morning, I almost snorted orange juice all over my magazine! For more of Matt’s Maine Woods & Waters focused photography check out Matt Boutet Photography.


Little Eddy Maine

Evening Calm Penobscot

Had to get out of the house last week to stay sane…here is what followed: